The Wheat Kernel

The Wheat Kernel

Fingerer, Yussie and Esther

  • 1995
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Watch a little wheat kernel as it sprouts and grows into a beautiful wheat stalk, hoping for the day when its flour will be used for a mitzvah. Will the wheat kernel’s prayers be answered, or will the baker use it for something else first? Join the wheat kernel on this exciting and colorful adventure.

Option: Comes with a read-along CD ...

  • Entertaining and educational
  • Great tool for children learning to read
  • Clear, slow and well-articulated narration 
  • Beautiful theme music and amazing sound effects
  • Distinct voices for each character
  • Turn signals at every page
  • Endorsed by leading mechanchim
  • Perfect for ages 2-7

Authors: Yussie and Esther Fingerer
Hardcover | ISBN 9780911643497

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