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The Floating Minyan of Pirate's Cove

Zakon, Miriam Stark

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Join the members of the Emes Junior Interpol as they solve these exciting mysteries!

Meet Simcha and Moshe, agents of Emes Junior Interpol and two intrepid teens. Moshe, the son of a high-ranking Israeli intelligence officer, with instincts developed on the streets of Tel Aviv and New York, joins forces with Simcha, a Brooklyn rabbi's first-born son, whose talent for logical reasoning has been honed by years of Talmudic study. Together, the dynamic detectives are guided by their Jewish values and ingenuity as they are involved in mystery and danger. A thrilling blend of intrigue, entertainment and information, this series is a bestseller among teen readers. These mystery books are not only fun, they teach Torah-true hashkafa!

For ages 8 through 15

Author: Miriam Stark Zakon
Softcover | 5.5" x 8.5" | 152 pages | 0-910818-63-0



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