Tefillah Tips

Tefillah Tips

Kurland, Rabbi Yehoshua

  • 1295

This book will change the way you daven! 

te...fill...ah tips
noun 1: small but useful pieces of practical advice for how to better connect to your Creator 2: precious pointers that have the potential to transform your life 3: three-minute-a-day investments that will pay infinite dividends 4: heart-opening, soul-expanding suggestions from a renowned educator

Here's the first tip -- read this book and you'll be glad you did!

Author: Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland
Softcover | 4.5" x 7" | 192 pages | ISBN 9781607632443 Hardcover | 4.625" x 6.875" | 192 pages | ISBN 9781607631293

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