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Judaism in a Nutshell: Holidays

Apisdorf, Shimon

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If Judaism in a Nutshell: G-d is our "hello" to G-d, this book would qualify as the "stick around and get to know Me" volume.

This book covers the essence and meaning of what the Jewish holidays are all about -- that is, developing our relationship with G-d, through once-a-year, specially designed encounters with Him.

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Praise for Judaism in a Nutshell: G-d

"A delightful and creative work that helps those of us struggling with the concept of G-d. This book allows us to get in touch with the unfathomable."
-- Dr. Sonya Friedman, psychologist, author and host of CNN's Sonya Live

"Inspired, clear, succinct and insightful. A singularly reliable and easy to use text for anyone on a quest for Jewish knowledge."
-- Rabbi Michel Twerski, noted rabbi, author and lecturer, Milwaukee, WI

Author: Shimon Apisdorf
Softcover | 6" x 9" | 96 pages | 1-881927-22-9



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