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Jewish Fact Attack

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Six great games that teach basic Jewish concepts!

Ideal for ages 6-10

Do you know the names of the Hebrew months and their order? How about the order of the weekly Torah readings? Any idea when the Jewish holidays occur? And what about the books of the Tanach (the Bible) -- do you know their names and the order in which they are listed?

If you (or your children) don't know the answers, consider Jewish Fact Attack, featuring six great games that teach basic Jewish concepts.

There are lots of games loaded with plenty of fun and learning. From Holiday Hoops to Tanach Timer, from Alef-Bet Airplanes to Parasha Puzzlers, from Calendar Catches to Parasha Pitches, your children will enjoy themselves, and learn while playing!

Jewish Fact Attack is filled with colorful, fun-filled games that teach a variety of lessons ranging from the order of the alef-bet to the books of the Tanach.

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