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Hachut Hameshulash -- commentary on the Torah (4 vol.)

Munk, Eliyahu

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Four classic mefarshim (commentatators) on the Torah in one masterful work!

Rabbi Eliyahu Munk has once again produced a Torah work that offers inestimable value to the Jewish world. In these four volumes, he has translated the commentaries of four mefarshim renowned for their incisive remarks on the peshat (simple meaning) of the Torah:

  • Rabbeinu Chananel
  • Rashbam
  • Radak
  • Sforno
This new work allows a student of Torah to study the pesukim (verses) with the aid of four classic commentators in order to gain a thorough understanding of the Torah's words. Only after we have a solid understanding of the Torah's plain meaning can we advance to more profound levels of understanding, and this new set makes that first step much more feasible for the English-speaking Jew.

Translator: Rabbi Eliyahu Munk
Hardcover | 4-volume set | 6.5" x 9.5" | ISBN 965-7108-34-9



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