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Distant Cousins and other stories

Vogiel, Eva

  • 1995

A new collection of riveting short stories from bestselling author Eva Vogiel!

A sheltered girl struggles to maintain her identity when she is unexpectedly swept up into the bewildering and seemingly glamorous world of British royalty.

An elderly woman suddenly faces a reminder of a tragic and foolish sin from her youth.

A friendless girl, confined to her home her entire life, must somehow find the strength to confront the terrors of the outside world.

Ten tales in all, this magnificent collection of skillfully crafted stories by renowned writer Eva Vogiel will intrigue and encourage, uplift and inspire. Enter the world of Distant Cousins and you'll never be the same.

Author: Eva Vogiel
Softcover | 6" x 9" | 272 pages | 9781607632627





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