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DavkaGraphics Israel Clip Art

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It's the next best thing to being there!

DavkaGraphics Israel Clip Art is jam-packed with 2,500 pieces of marvelous clip art--all of the images of Israel that you so fondly recall. Falafel, familiar signs, currency, symbols, people (famous and not-so-famous), maps--all of Israel's unique color and style is here, in this amazing collection! It's ideal for anyone who needs Israel-related images--for school decorations and programs, for Israel Independence Day, for any and all things Israel-related! Here are just some of the categories included in this CD:

  • Coins and Bills
  • City Symbols
  • History
  • People
  • Maps
  • Sights
  • Road Signs
  • Foods
  • Politicians
  • Infrastructure
  • Symbols

If you need Israel-related images in your clip art portfolio, don't miss this quality collection!

Win/Mac CD

Graphics from DavkaGraphics Israel Clip Art are compatible with virtually all PC and Mac programs, including Microsoft Word, Publisher, Print Shop, AppleWorks, and many others. The Windows graphics are in WMF format, and can be easily inserted into your favorite programs. The Macintosh graphics are available in JPEG format, and also include a graphic viewer. This program requires a CD-ROM drive.



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