CDShas - MP3 edition, Vol. 2 (20 CDs) - Judaica Press

CDShas - MP3 edition, Vol. 2 (20 CDs)

Judaica Press

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Now you can access Daf Yomi shiurim without the need for an iPod or even a computer!

If you want the ability to listen to the world-famous Daf Yomi shiurim from Dial-a-Daf without the need to sit by the computer or purchase an expensive MP3 player, this could be the ideal choice for you. In addition to playing on computers and MP3 players, this new CDShas edition will play directly on any CD player with MP3 capability.

This second volume covers the second half of shas (the Talmud)--Nezikin, Kodshim and Taharos, in English or Yiddish.

20 CD set

CD player with MP3 capability
OR a PC or Mac with a CD-ROM drive
OR any MP3 player



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