Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld MP3 CD: Achieving Greatness, Volume 5

Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld MP3 CD: Achieving Greatness, Volume 5

Freifeld, Rabbi Shlomo

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A collection of recorded masterpieces


Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld stood out as a genius in igniting the untapped greatness within each of us. He was an erudite, learned scholar and a passionate, eloquent speaker.

Now, you can hear the preeminent teacher as he examines the most essential principles in Yiddishkeit with his trademark passion, warmth and wisdom. These vintage talks from 30 years ago were often impromptu topics of open discussion or sculpted lessons delivered to his students and community. Rabbi Freifeld breathes new life into age-old topics, rendering them meaningful and relevant to our generation.

These digitally-remastered recordings of Rabbi Freifeld's shiurim are available on this convenient MP3 CD with a total of 10 shiurim on a wide range of topics. Each talk reveals the Torah's vision of man's true dimensions -- beaming light into a world of darkness, allowing us to see who we really can be, who we were meant to be.


  • Prescription for Happiness
  • Beyond This World
  • Journey to Sinai
  • Invoking a Favorable View
  • Bringing Sanity to Humanity
  • Miracle of Will
  • Campfire II Q & A
  • Cynicism vs. Humility
  • Contact with Life
  • Expression of the Soul
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