Or Hachayim: Commentary on the Torah

Or Hachayim: Commentary on the Torah

Munk, Eliyahu

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The classic Torah commentary of the Or Hachayim-íë_?Rabbi Chayim ben Attar

Lovingly referred to as the Or Hachayim Hakadosh, "the Holy Or Hachayim," this brilliant Torah commentary is revered throughout the Jewish world, especially by Chassidic Jews. It presents a blend of mysticism, homiletics and a deep reverence for ancient midrashic works, and it belongs in every Jewish home.

This lucid English edition is the work of Eliyahu Munk, a master translator who has translated numerous classic Torah commentaries.

Author: Rabbi Chayim ben Attar
Translator: Eliyahu Munk
Hardcover | 5 volumes | 6.5" x 9.5" | 965-7108-12-8



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