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My First Brachos Board Book
By B.C. Edelman
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A great way to introduce your toddler to Brachos!

Give your toddler a phenomenal head start learning Brachos with this adorable book! Vivid images and a host of friendly faces bring the Brachos to life!

BONUS ACTIVITY! Find the "Yiddel" character hiding on every page!

"The book provides an easy way for toddlers to review brachos they have learned. The pictures of the various foods are large, colorful, appetizing and appealing. Children will be able to relate to the smiling, sweet toddlers in the accompanying photographs. Recommended ..."

-- Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL), May/June 2012 Reviews

Author/designer: B.C. Edelman
Board book | 7" x 8.5" | 7 spreads | ISBN 978-1-60763-063-0

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