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Let's Stay Pure
By Bracha Goetz
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A charming book to teach kids about keeping their souls pure

Once again, Bracha Goetz's upbeat style and unique talent shine through in this adorable new book. In her charming manner, she provides the tools that youngsters need to nurture and protect the pure neshamos (souls) with which they entered this world. The delightful rhymes and engaging illustrations encourage even the youngest listeners and readers to create healthy boundaries, shielding them from the undesirable elements in today's world.

Our Sages (Shabbos 119b) teach us that our world exists in the merit of our children's purity. By sharing this book with our precious little ones, may we merit homes that are filled with the light of their pure neshamos.

Author: Bracha Goetz
Illustrator: Sara Fogel

Hardcover | 8.5" x 11" | 24 pages | ISBN 9789657599082

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